uPVC Windows

We have been supplying and fitting double glazed windows for many years and they are all made to the highest standards, using quality materials which is why we can offer the guarantees we do.

Genuine A rated windows where both the frame and the glass are A-rated.
Draught free seals.
Internally beaded with a 9 point locking system.
100% Virgin UPVC  which is guaranteed to retain its colour
Recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.
Argon gas filled cavity acts as a thermal barrier keeping your home at the temperature you choose.

  • Fully Sculptured Windows
  • Sash Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Tilt and Turn Windows
  • Vertical Sliding Windows


Your security is of paramount importance, so the design and manufacture of our windows is very important. Each window is made with robust multi-chambered uPVC with welded joints for added strength against forced entry. A hidden complex of high-security mechanisms built into each frame ensure virtually any PVC-U window or door is more impenetrable than conventional wood equivalents. Names such as shootbolts, hooklocks and multi-point locking are as fearsome as they sound in deterring any potential intruder and helping to keep your home safe. If you have any specific security concerns, any reputable installation company will be happy to advise on advanced and specialist security measures offering even greater protection.

Energy Savings

On a cold day the inner pane of glass reflects heat back into your home, greatly reducing wasted heat. On a sunny day, the outer pane of glass allows more free heat from the sun into your home. Superb heat retention saves on heating bills as well as using less of the world's energy resources. You can even choose the level of heat retained by looking for the Window Energy Rating label, giving each window an ‘A’,’B’ or ‘C’ Rating ‘A’ Rated being the most efficient. Also, the sealing technology of PVCU will cut out draughts – keeping heat in and keeping you more comfortable.

Very Low Maintenance

PVC-U windows will never rot; it will never need painting or repainting and will go on looking and working as good as new with the occasional wipe down and a spot of oil here and there.

A Range of Colours

Whether you choose brilliant white or any of a range of colours and woodgrain finishes, PVC-U not only offers great looks but also more style options than ever; the only limit is your

Noise Reduction

Busy roads, noisy neighbours, barking dogs – whatever the cause, unwanted noise can blight the life of homeowners. Fortunately, the development of double and now triple glazing can significantly reduce this nuisance.

Planning Permission Requirements For Windows

Any alteration to your home may be subject to legislation such as Planning Law and Building Regulations covering many issues from the look of the addition, to safety issues such as fire escape routes. These can vary, both in substance and interpretation, in different parts of Britain and Ireland and are far too complex to cover in a document such as this. Any reputable double glazing company will be happy to advise or may consult the authorities in case of any uncertainty.