Cedar Look Tiling

TapcoShake is designed to replicate the rustic appearance of a cedar shake roof, while offering many colour options to customise your home. By providing a thick cedar shake shingle look and using virgin polymers and compounds, our synthetic shake roofing will not rot, crack, split, warp, or need the chemical upkeep of wood.

Authentic colours and subtle shade variations create an inviting, natural look in every piece of TapcoShake, and our composite shake roof will also mitigate fire risk.

With Class A Fire components, our synthetic cedar shake roofing fits harmoniously into communities that prohibit wood shake roofing or require Class A fire rated roofing. Each piece of our composite cedar shingles is injection moulded for optimal control and performance. It is 24″ (610mm) long with standard widths of 5″, 7.5″, or 10″ (127mm, 191mm, or 254mm) and is supplied pre-mixed for easy installation.

  • 9.25” & 10.25” (235mm & 260mm) Exposure options.
  • Non-repeating; staggered or straight application.
  • Bundles pre-sorted for colour and shade width variations.
  • Class A Fire Rating.
  • Class 4 Impact Rating.
  • 110 MPH Wind Uplift Rating.
Cedar Look Tiles

Available Colours