TapCo Roofing Tiles

  • Lightweight – as low as 12kg per square metre.
  • Easy to install with pre-marked nailing and exposure guides and spacers.
  • Easily cut with a fine-toothed saw or sharp utility blade.
  • Built-in camber for tighter fit when fixed in situ.
  • No sorting, clipping, or drilling prior to roof loading. Packaged in bundles of 25 for easy handling.
  • Fittings (ridges and hips) are mechanically fixed.
  • Choice of colours (6 standard colours stocked for immediate availability).
  • 40-year warranty.
  • Local Authority Building Control (LABC) & Local Authority Building Standards Scotland (LABSS) Registered Details product.
  • Fully tested to BBA, ETA and CE standards, including fire rating, wind, driven snow & rain, and water absorption.
  • BRE testing for wind-driven rain found TapoSlate Classic to perform much stronger than all equivalent materials tested and at a lower pitch.
  • Tapco Tiles are not made from recycled plastics but are manufactured from recyclable virgin limestone and polypropylene.

Roofing Tiles

Replacing your conservatory roof with TapCo tiles can completely transform it.

We use TapCo tiles on our conservatory roof replacements because they don't just look good, they are extremely durable and carry a 40 year manufacturers guarantee.

Classic Slate Tile

Classic Slate Roofing Tiles

TapcoSlate Classic’s textured surfaces and deckled edges are modelled from authentic natural slates, imparting a controlled uniformity that epitomises natural slate roofing. Classic Slate delivers the appearance of a natural slate roof while offering lightweight, low-cost, durability and cuttingedge, environmentally-conscious material technology that goes into every slate Read More

Aledora Slate Tile

Aledora Slate Roofing Tiles

TapcoSlate Aledora offers the finest aesthetics and craftsmanship available, delivering the beauty of an authentic hand-cut, natural slate at a fraction of the cost and weight. Multiple colours and hues integrated artistically into every tile match the unique appearance of natural slate that will enhance the kerb appeal and value of any home. Read More

Cedarf Look Tile

Cedar Look Roofing Tiles

TapcoShake offers the warm, rustic aesthetics of hand-split cedar shake, without the maintenance and safety concerns of wood. TapcoShake’s advance polymer composite technology insures that it will not rot, crack, split, warp, or require the maintenance of wood. Authentic colours and subtle shade variations create an inviting, natural look in every piece of TapcoShake wood shake while helping to mitigate the risks of fire, hail or wind. Read More

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