Specialised Reproduction, Ventilation & Decorative Roofing Tiles

The reproduction roof tiles from Repco allow you to repair or replace an existing conservatory roof and match the existing architecture.

We can often source original reclaimed tiles to suit clients’ requirements. Re-using roofing materials is not a new idea; customers looking to match in with existing buildings often prefer used weathered tiles to new ones. Reclaiming materials has become even more relevant in recent times as it is one of the original methods of recycling.

Waste products from the tile factory are also recycled. Concrete waste is taken away and crushed for re-use within the construction industry. Our waste packaging is also taken away by a contractor to be recycled.

Replica & Reclaimed Roof Tiles

We have an extensive library of moulds from which to replicate the required profile of roof tiles. The finished roof tiles can be colour matched and even weathered to suit your requirements.

Ridge Tiles & Fittings

Our range of concrete Ridge Tiles and Fittings includes products to suit most types of tiled or slated roof. They are available in colours which match with most new tiles and also in weathered finishes to blend in with older tiled roofs.

Roof Ventilation Tiles

Repco Roof Tile Vents and Air Vent Ridge terminals provide a simple but effective way of providing a steady air flow into the roof space, or can alternatively be connected to a mechanical extractor.

Decorative Ornamental Ridge Tiles

Our Decorative Ridge Tiles and Finials are available in a variety of colours and profiles to suit most tiled or slated roofs.

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